Tenant Services

Our tenant services are focused on optimizing expansion strategies while sourcing the best locations, executing with precision and negotiating optimal lease terms by utilizing our in-house research capabilities and market intelligence.


The market search approach we employ leverages strong, established relationships in our broad network of landlords and brokers to uncover and evaluate opportunities, including off-market site. Our in-depth experience in executing deals allows for well-informed and effective negotiation strategies as well as expedited transaction cycles. We focus on facilitating tailored solutions that transcend the needs of our clients in a timely and efficient manner.


We work with international and local tenants, retailers and restaurants to provide:


  • Site identification
  • Selection and acquisition
  • Market penetration
  • Expansion strategy
  • Demographic analysis
  • Market intelligence
  • Renewals and dispositions
  • Relocation analysis
  • Cross-border services

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