California Sandwiches 


About California Sandwiches 

California Sandwiches was born in Toronto’s Little Italy in the mid 1960’s as a small grocery store and quickly transformed into Toronto’s favourite sandwich spot.  The Papa/Bertucci family purchased a local grocery store with the hope of supporting a growing family. They quickly discovered they had something special when customers were coming for lunch instead of groceries. As the popularity of their homemade sandwiches grew, they decided to jump on the opportunity. In 1967 the first California Sandwiches was born. From its inception as “La Rinacente”, the veal sandwich quickly became one of Toronto’s favorites.


Tenant Requirements

Size: 1,500 – 2,500 sq.ft.

Type: Shopping Centres, Enclosed Malls, Entertainment Centres, Urban Streetfronts, Mixed Use Projects

Area: Ontario


Tenant Representative

Sari Samarah


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